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The Basics

As a Type 2 Diabetic, I have extensive knowledge on this subject. Even though others may put us down and doubt us, we can, we WILL prevail. Some complicate the fundamentals of Type 2 when it’s really simple to understand.

Basically, we take in carbohydrates that are broken down into sugars. The sugar called glucose is our source of energy. Typically, the pancreas release hormones that tell insulin to be released when glucose is present in the bloodstream. This insulin is the “key” for the glucose to enter the cells, which would allow the cells to convert the glucose to energy. This is where energy for our bodies comes from.

Here’s the issue. Our bodies don’t function normally. Because of poor lifestyle choices made in the past, (not exercising, eating too many carbs and sugars), our insulin no longer works. Since our “keys” are broken, our cells can’t get glucose from the bloodstream, keeping us from getting the energy we need. We exercise and eat foods with low carbs to reduce the amount of glucose in our body. Some are able to take insulin shots that put insulin in the body that will allow cells to process glucose.

Once we understand what is going on in our bodies, we are able to make changes. We can now refine our diet, stick to an exercise plan, and make sure we get the proper medical intention. Doing these things and others recommended by doctors will help us BEAT DIABETES!